Bishop Todd L. Fulton

MCWSV Social and Food Justice Committee Chairman


Bishop Fulton graduated Magna Cum Laude from Shaw University with a B.A. Degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in
Philosophy of Religion in 2004. He received a Master of Divinity Degree from Shaw Divinity School in 2008. He is the
Pastor and Founder of Mount Moriah Outreach Center where he selflessly and tirelessly ministers to others in Kernersville,
North Carolina.

Bishop Fulton and the Mt. Moriah family operate a food pantry where they feed over 500 people sowing over one
million tons of food into the homes of the food insecure. He and the church are featured in the Wanda Stark documentary
"Childhood Hunger: The Silent Crisis" and in the fall 2015 edition of FaithHealth Magazine "Mount Moriah Outreach Center
Focuses on Whole Body". They sponsor a community garden managed by the community and church. Fulton recently was
certified Bee Keeper by the NC Cooperative Extension. Bishop Fulton is passionate about Food Justice and Social Justice.

Bishop Fulton was President of the Minister's Conference of Winston-Salem and Vicinity (MCWSV) from 2015-2016.
Under his direction the MCWSV completed several projects. Some of the ventures are as follows:
• Partnered with the Winston-Salem Chronicle for the 2016 King Day Celebration
• Raised over $10,000 for high school students seeking post-secondary education
• Contributed $5,000 to the WSSU Gap Fund to assist Senior dropouts due to finances
• United with the District Attorney's Office to reinstate driver’s license to over 2000 individuals
• Aligned with Dr. Patricia Bailey to purchase two filters for wells in Liberia
• Collaborated with Master Farmer Vernon Switzer to start Winston Lake community garden
• Developed an Urban Farm School with city of Winston-Salem and the NC Cooperative Extension.

Bishop Fulton’s personal service aligns with his passion for Food and Social Justice. He serves on many boards including:
• FaithHealth's Professional Advisory Group - oversees the Chaplaincy work at WFU Baptist Hospital
• Mayor’s Poverty Initiative aimed at reducing the number living at or below poverty level
• "Trust Talks” to bring together diverse communities and its police officers to improve relations
• Bishop Fulton and wife Judith partner her nursing and his pastoring skills to minister to St. Kitts residents
• He collaborated with WFU Law School, Legal Aide, NAACP and the District Attorney's Office on an expungement
clinic for misdemeanor and felony charges
• Most recently he has been instrumental in organizing community leaders, city officials and the NAACP around
transparency in the recent shooting of a Black citizen by a White police officer.

Bishop Fulton is married to the former Judith Roberts. They have one daughter Mariah and a three - year old grandson