Ministers' Conference of Winston-Salem & Vicinity

Sr. Pastor Tembila Covington, President

To encourage a united front - Faith Leaders and Lay Persons engaged in friendly and productive associations. Collaborating and working together. We will undergird our collaborative efforts with a vision of action. We will do this by promoting social, economic and educational transformation in our Communities, the City of Winston-Salem, Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools, Local Businesses, Churches, the Winston-Salem Police Department, and the Forsyth County Sheriff Department. What will this look like?

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Social & Food Justice Committee
Thoughtful and strategic planning when deciding on the conference’s stance and responses to issues raised in our community.
Strengthen relations with the Winston-Salem Police Department & Forsyth County Sheriff Department.
Work with organizations that are putting efforts together on immigration issues.
Find solutions for better access to healthy foods in food insecure communities.
Partner with the DA’s office for drivers license reinstatement drive.
Partner with Wake Forest University Law School on an expungement clinic.

Education Committee
Re-examine policy and procedures with SROs in our schools.
Work with the school board members to:
    Address concerns of the welfare of students and student school outcomes.
    Invite the school board to make quarterly reports to the MCWSV.

Faith and Health Committee
Continue to work with Wake Forest Baptist Health Center’s FaithHealth department by re-adopting the intensive care units.
FaithHealth to provide training, education, and information for churches related to the health needs of pastors, congregations and surrounding communities.
Continue to partner with United Health Centers.

Economic Committee
Develop partnership with agencies that provide training and job placement.
Work with the Minority Women Business Enterprise.
Partner with the City of Winston-Salem to help locate minority businesses for city contracts.

MLK Jr. Memorial Seed Fund & Event Planning Committee
Strategically plan and prepare for key annual events throughout the year.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day events.
Fundraising for scholarships.
Seven Last Words program, etc …

Bylaws Committee
Develop MCWSV SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).
Strengthen communications and partnerships with local and national organizations.
Work on common issues of interests with:
NAACP; Urban League; Wake Forest Divinity Students; Shaw University Divinity   Students; Working    America; NC WARN; NC Democracy Now